Thursday, March 7, 2013

TV: Brooker Wipes "A Good Day To Die Hard"

Charlie Brooker is back with a familiar reboot of his Wipe franchise (ScreenwipeNewswipe, etc). The third episode of his new BBC2 series, Weeklywipe, presents, as 'Wipes are wont to do, a review of notable media from the prior week. The show is nearly identical to the prior iterations but that doesn't matter because Brooker's jocular wordplay and ascerbic critiques of the digital zeitgeist always leave me wanting more.

Below is a fantastically disingenuous review of Bruce Willis' A Good Day To Die Hard. Weeklywipe revives familiar male commentator "Barry Shitpeas" but places him opposite an equally literal female foil by the name of "Philomena Cunck". This is a fantastic lampooning of the talking head retrospective genre, a format littered with who-evers spouting what-ever to a camera crew in a darkened room. Kudos to Brooker et al for making me feel oh-so-smart.

And if that taste has left you saying: "Please sir, I want some more." Here's the whole lot of it thus far:
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